Umbertouched (Paperback) (Signed Copy)

Umbertouched (Paperback) (Signed Copy)

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Book Description: 

With their cover blown and their identities revealed, Zivah and Dineas are on the run. Not only did they fail to bring down the emperor, but their betrayal has brought the full might of Ampara against their people. Now their only choice is to rejoin their kin and prepare for the oncoming war.

As armies mobilize and fortifications rise, Zivah and Dineas grapple with the aftermath of their fateful mission. Dineas's fellow Shidadi no longer trusts him after his time in Ampara. And with his constant flashbacks-and lingering feelings of loyalty toward his former comrades-Dineas wonders if his kinsmen might be right.

Meanwhile, Zivah faces growing pressure to betray her healer's vows. Is it worth honoring the Goddess's wishes if it means the destruction of all she knows? On top of that, she's having flashes of fever-signs that her illness is returning to claim her.

As the world around them threatens to collapse, Zivah and Dineas must decide how they feel about each other. Was the love and friendship they shared in Sehmar City an illusion or is it strong enough to save them all?

"Blackburne adds to the construction of her story with strong thematic bricks, exploring ideas such as loyalty and trust, as well as compassion and inner peace. With careful consideration of these ideas, UMBERTOUCHED stands above other fantasy stories..." -Teen Reads
"This is an engrossing story with potential for deep discussion on loyalty, ethics, and the true meaning of strength." -Booklist

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